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Wealth at Risk: Obtaining the Correct Insurance Protection

There are many solutions to insure luxury assets in the insurance market today. This fact makes deciding which one to select overwhelming. So how do you decide what is right for you? Choose the fastest Choose the cheapest Choose the most expensive and assume it is the best Go online Call an 800 number Ask […]

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Home Renovations Can Cause Insurance Coverage Gaps

Luxury homes under major renovation need special insurance to ensure they are properly covered during construction. Many home owners think their home insurance will cover them or their general contractor’s insurance is enough. This is simply not the case. Relying on these policies leaves owners of expensive homes with significant holes in their coverage program […]

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How Marriage Can Change Your Insurance Needs

You already know that marriage will change a lot of things in your life. When you say “I do” you are combining your entire world – and often your home – with someone else’s. Among the changes that come with married life are adjustments you should make to your insurance coverage. Home & Property If […]

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All Home Insurance is Equal. Or is it?

Insurance companies are all the same, just give me your best price.” This is a statement I’ve heard all to often. Many people see insurance as a necessary evil, which they would prefer to avoid. TV commercials convince us that insurance is a price-based commodity rather than an asset that should be a critical part […]

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“Conditions of Coverage” or Conditions Voiding Coverage?

Claims happen worldwide every day. Thankfully, insurance carriers are in the business of paying these claims. The issue arises on more complex claims, where the potential loss is larger and coverage hinges on a condition in the policy. Insurance carriers can be very creative when it comes to drafting language that affords coverage only if […]

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When Your Home is Owned by a “What” – and Not a “Who”

It has become commonplace in estate planning to transfer ownership of real property such as homes, farms, airplanes and yachts to a Trust, Limited Partnership or LLC.  This is often done with a goal in mind, whether it be privacy, protecting assets from creditors and litigants, or for tax purposes.  However, many people make a […]

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Did You Read the Insurance Application You Signed?

This past week I conducted a typical review of a prospective client’s insurance policies.  Their current agent is a well-known, well-respected agency in our local community with a so-called Private Client division. Like most local agencies, their Private Client division includes one good customer service representative (CSR) who handles clients with higher-valued homes. This person’s […]

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25 Questions that Reveal You are Overpaying to be Under-Insured

Answering No to any of the following questions indicates you are likely at risk. Overpaying? Have you consolidated your homeowners, auto, valuable property, collections, watercraft, and umbrella liability policies with a carrier that offers a package discount? Have you recently evaluated the potential for reducing the cost of your insurance program by raising your homeowners […]

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How to Lower Your Premiums on Home Insurance

As long as you own a home, homeowners insurance doesn’t go away. What’s worse is that insurance premiums have the tendency to increase over the years. Whether you are shopping for homeowners insurance for your first home or looking to decrease your premiums for your current home, here are a few tips to help you […]

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